Saturday, July 12, 2008

Isaac Funny---

Oh what a goofy boy.

So, life has been a little hairy this past week, and will probably remain for the next week. There was a mix up with Brian's check(s) at work that put us using all of our income towards bills. Leaving NONE for gas or groceries for 2 weeks. We have been eating from the stockpile, so life is still fine...and we will live, but it is frustrating.

Isaac has been a spitfire today. He has gotten into several things, broken a couple, and lost Brian's last pair of contacts (remember that we have no money---and he has to work!). We ended up finding a random contact and found one of the "lost" ones on the floor. Brian says they are wrong, but they will work until he can replace them. you see what kind of day it has been. So, I was getting ready to do dishes for the umpteen time this week. Bri said he would do them today, but then backed out when he was angered by the missing contact! LOL... So, I was standing there, looking at my sink with disgust. Isaac is rambling on and on and on and on and on and on and on and...get the point??? Finally, I just look at him, tell him to be quiet and to go play in his room for awhile. He says, "What is wrong Mom?" I tell him, "I am frustrated, Isaac." Isaac, clever little boy he is, looks at me and says..."Mom when you are 'fustrated', you have to-- Stop Breathe (sounded more like breave), and Think." WHAT??? This came out of my 3 y/o's mouth!!!! Crazy! I figure he learned it on a TV show, but it was really funny to hear him say it. I had to turn away from him so I could hide my giggles.

Next time that you are "Fustrated"...stop, breave, and think!



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