Thursday, August 14, 2008

What He is...

I have been just floored by the discoveries of my God lately. Not that I have not always known these, but have just seen God using them to pull me closer to Him. Life has been filled with so much joy and contentment. And it is just little things in life that seem to be flowing the way they are supposed to be. But, it is enough to make me stop and notice Him. And What HE is...

He is Beautiful. His beauty abounds everywhere.

He is Gracious. I have fell so many times, and His grace abounds to my scraped up knees. Forgiving this unworthy woman of unfaithfulness to her Holy God.

He is Purifying. He cleans off those scraped up knees and washes my head. He breathes life onto all of my sorrows, showing His righteousness, and providing a cleansing rain and drink.

He is a Provider. He meets my every need. Whether it be a salvation for my sins, the need for wisdom for a situation, a gentle reminder that I am loved, or the money to do His good work on earth...He provides it.

He is All Knowing. I need not worry about the what if's of life, and I can let go of the past hurts, because He knows why they happen. Why should I spend my time on earth worrying about what my God holds softly in His hand?

I will try to come back to this list again later. I need to go get some of my work done now. I just felt the need to write down some thoughts before they escape my little mind. :)


Stickers on August 14, 2008 at 2:11 PM said...

If you are home tonight, call me. I want you to help me with my blog layout. Smooch.


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