Monday, August 4, 2008

Guess What???

We got one more room down! Dining room has actually been sanded and painted now!!!! We still have the trim left to paint, but that is not a biggy at all.

Here are the various stages of our room:

Well...I honestly tried. Blogspot would not let me upload any photos right now. Stink.

So, just imagine nice smooth walls. They are a carmely tan. (Yes, that is an Annie word...carmely) Very nice. Gotta finish trim, clean up the floors, and make a window treatment of sorts (from freebie materials, which I still have to find ;) )

Another update is that we have 3 interested buyers for the house already!!! WOWSERS! We may actually move. I will be sad to leave this Little Lovely. It holds so many memories...but on to new ones!



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