Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Announcements!!!!!!!!!! they are not THAT big, but announcements none-the-less...

1. My dear friend Sara had her baby girl~ Her name is Bella Faith Bisher. Born Wednesday night via c-section. 6 lbs 14ozs. 19 inches long. AND LOTS OF LONG DARK HAIR! Sara says she is just beautiful, and they are all absolutely in love. I have always seen Sara as a mother. I remember in college how she and I would talk about such things...planning out our lives perfectly, complete with the backyard bbq's and such. Back when she was like 19! lol. Then, we would get mad at our boyfriends (aka Brian and Justin) , roll down the windows on my 88 Caviler, turn up my awesome cd player...blaring the Dixie Chicks, "Cause Earl had to Die." (Yes...we were heathens.) Those were the days. Praising God with this family. And sending sweet congrats to Proud Daddy Jeremy, Excited Brother Drayven, and of course Sweet Sara.

And I cam back to edit the others...for fear that it might be used against us...I hate that fear of always needing to look behind. lol. Anyhow...Good news on job fronts. Lots of lots of opprotunities. If you would like to know about these, then shoot me an email... :)

Crazy how all the announcements of the past few days could drastically change our lives. I mean, we are talking about moving to 2 different cities...taking 2 different career choices for the next little while. Probably the need to find a new church if we move to one of the towns. Weird. None-the-less, all blessings from a wonderful Provider.



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