Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What man intended for evil...

God intends for Good. Wowsers! Get this...

Yesterday, Brian finally called my home pastor. You know the one that we wanted to go work for last year, and did not get to because of the letter and bad referrals from disgruntled former church members???

Anyhow...that pastor. I have known him since I was 9. He means so much to me and Brian. Brian called to get some advice from him, and make peace so to say...Let him know that we hold no ill feelings. When Bri called the church, the secretary informed him that Pastor D. had resigned!!! Easter Sunday. We called him, and found out that God had His hand all over us. Pastor D was heart broken over what happened to Brian and I, but did not know how to make it right. That incidence really showed Pastor D the problems that his deacon board had. The deacon board basically hired a youth pastor in our place,that the pastor was not so sure of. He WAS sure of us. After that, the deacon board made the pastor jump through hoops for every decision made, and caused a lot of problems in the church. Really damaging my pastor. Finally the pastor decided that enough was enough, and he left. Only 2 years there. He spent 30 years at his first church. He is not a flight kinda guy. He said it was so bad that the deacon board had to have a meeting to decide whether or not he could take his own personal items from his office when he left. wacko.gif

So...God totally protected us! Brian would have either torn the church apart, or have been fired by the deacon board. Imagine if we had gone to yet another mess after what we had at New Hope??? Imagine the heartbreak of seeing yet another church filled with horribly selfish people? Imagine being fired and living in a big expensive house...with not even a church to go to! I am thrilled to learn that what man/men of New Hope/Attica meant for evil...God used and intended for GOOD! Isn't that cool ??? No more, "Why God." No more, "I don't understand this Lord." I do now.

The pastor is starting a church plant with about 300 members now. We will probably go visit there sometime as all the people I grew up with attend the new church!

I just thought that I would share how God's amazing detailed plan is revealed yet again. 1 year and 4 months later...but here it is. wub.gif Isn't it awesome how He protected us?



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