Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stained Glass....

I happened to be thinking some strange thoughts about stained glass and thought I would be vulnerable and share them with the wonderful blog world. I love stained glass artwork and think it is remarkable. But guess is stained. It is a wonderful piece of art that sheds light and beauty to the viewer. Stained glass shows the hand of the creator. Shows his skills. But guess is stained!

I am stained glass. I was created as a perfect pure piece of glass. Free of fingerprints (except for those of my Creator's), free of bird poop, and free of stain. In my sin, I have stained my glass. I have allowed others to break it and dirty it, as well as myself. BUT, the Master Artist has ways better than mine. He has taken this stained glass...the ones with all the black from sin, red from pain, yellow from earthly happiness, green from envy, blue from my drowning sorrows, and the little bit of white left from His original strokes...and turned them into a work of art. Through His artwork, I can once again be used to show my Creator's handiwork. I can once again shine His light...only now in a different way. Being stained doesn't have to be such a bad thing. Because He can turn into a work of art that I never could (ok...I could not turn a paper plate into a work of art, but that is beyond the know???) I have been praying that God would prepare my heart for all the things He wants to teach me...and now I can pray that He primes my glass, uses the stains on it, and creates a picture that will glorify Him...

I am sure that I have a friend or two out there that knows more about staining glass...and I may be way off on the process/analogy! Help me out! I just thought it was a cool way of looking at it, and always try to think of new ideas like this to help my kids see God working in our life. Whatcha think??? That I need to go to bed? lol. Yeah...I do. Oh...and what did I see in the artwork above? I saw a seed unfolding. One that God is gently opening up to be a beautiful flower. ;) Call me sleepy...I call me enlightened. heheheehehee


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