Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elephant Ears and Cotton Candy-

I wrote in January that I felt that my life had been a rollercoaster for the past few years. I was ready for some land time with Cotton Candy and Elephant Ears. Took a little for us to adjust, but we are learning so much and changing so much...and we are finally experiencing some of it! I realized the following Deep Tuesday Thoughts today:

2 months of staying on budget.

2 months of not missing an event b/c "I did not feel up to it".

2 weeks of menu planning, and sticking to it. (so this has only been done for 2 weeks...blah blah)

2 months of soul searching, and actually coming to some conclusions and changes!

2 months of feeling peace and contentment within my home.

Reflecting back, we have had 2 great months. Not that it has been perfect, by any means. There have been some heartaches, car troubles, cranky disobedient kids, I still miss my baby very often, and money has been tight...but because we are rested, we are closer to our Lord, and we are learning how to handle situations biblically... we have taken them in stride and found joy in all the sorrows of life. Yes, it can be done. We no longer have strife and worry...instead we have this amazing thing. Peace. hmmmm. I am becoming addicted to the feeling of allowing God to handle all affairs. Of allowing Him to direct the paths of my heart. It is good. goooooood. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. And guess what? It really shows in every area of ones life. Gotta love that. So there you have it for a Thought Provoking Tuesday. The provoking thoughts being...What are you doing today that is going to help you change who you are, to obtain peace? What are you learning and changing that will cause you to be more Christ like? And do you want to learn and change? I spent several years in a stagnant way of life...I can tell you, this is fresh air, deep blue sea water, smelling the mown grass, first snow, Christmas morning, meeting Micky, hot cinnamon rolls, new car, sweet rain, first tulips, sunrise-sunset, newborn baby, cotton candy and elephant ears GOOD! The only way to live. Deep thoughts, but man, oh such good ones.



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