Thursday, April 24, 2008

No new News...

Smiles. No new news. Same ol thing. What is up with that. My life has been so peaceful, that I hardly know what to do! It is rather disturbing at times, but oh so welcomed. Amazing how a few changes in your life can create this oasis within your home and heart!

Getting ready to start a new book study. Excited about that.

Working on a Blog dedicated for Deal Alerts! A girl in our ABF thought of it to inform our friends. She is a fellow saver, and is always getting the calls of, "do you know where a good deal is." Not that either of us mind! But, we thought it would easier to just put it on one spot for all to see! I will provide the link here, when it is finished.

Getting Abs better prepared for 2nd Grade. She has grown some recently, and will be needing new clothes, but that really is not surprising news, since all kids do grow! Or at least they should!

Isaac is having some more tests ran and such. His specialist said that he had a more than high risk hard winter. He thinks there may be a little more to all of this, and wonders about the transfusions. Isaac is on a lifelong antibiotic now. Everyday forever. It tastes a pill crushed up in 8 year old bubble gum. Ok, so no, I don't know how that tastes, but it is my best guess! We should know what to do about all of this in a week. We did get a little lashing about putting him in a nursery. Sorry, Dr Hottie (that is what Brian and I teasingly call Dr Specialist man hehehehe) but, we WILL go to church and we WILL trust that God will honor this! It was told to us again, if we can keep him out of school...then we should. Nothing really new here, or anything to put our minds to worry. Just keep on doing what we have been...being a little more cautious.

Brian is still working on the job thing. That is about all that I will say, just in know! There are several potentials, and hoping for something actually at the company he is at now! The end of that.

Me---I am doing GREAT. Like I said before. It has been 5 months since we lost Sparkler. With that, we are revisiting infertility treatments. If all works together the right way, we will be trying for an earthly bound #3 in either May or June. We will probably be doing treatments this time around with PIO injections. OWIE! My kids favorite word now! lol. But God's grace and mercies will extend even then!

So, nothing too exciting on any fronts, but an update. Enjoying this quiet, wonderful time in my life. That aaaahhhhh feeling just has an awesome feeling as it settles into the depths of your heart.


Lisa on April 24, 2008 at 7:32 PM said...

Im so glad you have finally found peace in so many areas of your life. It has been a long time coming. Sometimes no news is the best news. LOl.


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