Monday, June 30, 2008

Amazing Charm and Grace...

Brian and I experienced something so amazing yesterday. Tears were actually rolling down my husband's face. And mine.

We went to church, and both of us just had this feeling like it was going to be an amazing service. It was. One of the best worship services we have been to in a while. Anyhow...on to my charm and grace...

We sat in a seat near our normal area. It was directly behind the row that the deaf visitors sit in. There were 2 visitors in the row. A father and his teenage son. I have seen them before, but know that they are fairly new to the church. The son seemed kind of "simple minded". The interpreter had not shown up yet, about 10 minutes into the worship service. I noticed the son kept looking towards the back of the sanctuary, like he was waiting on someone. Finally, he stepped in front of his father, and tried to sign the words that were on the "Big Screen". With my limited sign language knowledge, I knew that he was not doing that well with the reading/interpretation. The father pulled him back to his seat. It was as if the son was LONGING to worship. As was the father.

A few minutes later, I saw the boy turn around again to check on the back. Then, Brian and I witnessed one of the greatest sights. We saw this teenage boy take off running. Literally RUNNING. He ran about 1/2 way down the isle. And landed a hug on a lady. Almost knocking her off of her feet. She was crying. He was smiling about the biggest smile I have ever seen a teenager smile. All this happening while we are singing! She walks up to the front with her arm around the boy, and both of the boy's arms around her. He takes his seat with his father, making the sign for happy and I love you, to the lady. The lady, with tears streaming down her face, started signing the words to the song..."I'm trading my sickness, I'm trading my pain...I'm laying them down for the joy of the Lord." The father began signing with the song...the son began dancing as he tried to sign. There was so much joy radiating off of the two of they worshiped. As they sang...I am laying down my sickness.

Brian and I both had to stop singing. We stood there in awe of the site that we were beholding. We were witnessing PURE, Sweet, Beautiful worship. Those two men had not one care in the world. They wanted to worship. And the adorable lady that was serving them, saw it too. Brian and I both felt extremely humbled. Later on...we sang an old hymn, and again, Brian had tears. The sweet boy, turned around and watched him. The boy then signed "Crying" to the interpreter. The lady signed back, "He..Love...Jesus". The boy smiled big again, and signed, " I...Love...Jesus." Amazing. I still am so moved by this. I wonder what all inhibits us from desiring worship so much. I wonder why we have so much pride in our lives that we can not run to the one who is going to "bring the gospel" to us. Instead, we bicker about things. Instead we say, oh, well my feelings have been hurt or they are not as smart as I am...blah blah blah. I want to have my eyes out for the bearer of the truth, I want to long to worship in a way that I care nothing about those around me...but only for my God, I want to lay everything down for the joy of the Lord. Inspiring.

Speaking of running boys---Running boy is now walking to church. With his family. It is a very sweet site too.


Allison on June 30, 2008 at 2:37 PM said...

Oh, that gave me tears, Annie. What a moving story.


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