Friday, June 20, 2008

American Girls Part 1

A craze in our house at times. Abbie loves the books. She has a couple of the movies. She has her Samantha doll. It is a passion that I really love sharing with her. History and Biblical virtues abound.

Abbie has started going to The American Girl Club at our Barnes and Nobles. The whole family really does enjoy this. Brian gets to read. Abbie goes to club. And Isaac and I roam the store looking for Dinosaur and Shark books. Not to mention the splurge of Starbucks while we are there. Recently, Abs entered her name in a drawing for the new Kit and Ruthie dolls. I am sure that hundreds of other little girls are hoping and praying the same, but Abbie really wants it. She prays every night that she will get it. Isaac prays that she will win too. She is currently looking for someone who doesn't have a doll. If she wins, she will give one of the new dolls to a desiring little girl. Isaac says that he doesn't have one...she can give it to him. Silly boy.

The new Kit movie is coming out soon. Abs has been waiting a whole year for this. She watches the previews online. Watched the casting call. She knows the name of the little actress (partly b/c her name is Abigail too). She is just plumb excited. We will be going to this fun event on July 2nd, and get to go with all our girl cousins! The girls are all wearing sweet dresses, and matching hats. Trying to find gloves too, but don't know if they will appear.

Here is a picture of the hats...Ours will be white on white. With white bows on the side.

It is said that anticipation is 50% of the fun. So, we are having fun! Update later with more American Girl stuff...more for my memory than your enjoyment I am sure.


Lisa on June 20, 2008 at 1:00 PM said...

I have been waiting for that movie too LOL
I love the hats


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