Monday, June 16, 2008

Well Done Lord...

Who am I, to tell the Lord well done. He spoke the World and it's glory into existence, and then proclaimed Himself that it was good. But, I truly want to praise Him, and to do so, I must say..."Well Done LORD!"

We had a wonderful weekend. Nothing really spectacular, just normal. Normal is becoming so sweet lately. So, ummmm, normal. I feel like our life is starting to turn into one of those little suburb fantasies. I am trying to not get too overly attached to it, as I have a feeling that God will shake this little suburb life within the next 5-10 years. BUT, for now, normal is AWESOME! are some pictures of this past week. I will share some stories to them. Just to give you a taste of our sweet and awesome normal life.

Isaac at Dairy Queen. We had a last minute get together for ice cream with some t-ball friends! So much fun and messy too...
Abs on Saturday. She got to be pitched to on this day. She hit the first time, and struck out the second (technically got to hit it off the T...this is t-ball folks, land of no strike outs or loosing!)

I made a great dinner Saturday night. Grilled honey glazed Salmon, corn on the cob, cheddar biscuits, steamed broccoli...and real lemonade. As we were sitting out in the yard, eating this yummy dinner, we noticed something funky with our tree. Lightening had struck it at some time, and was corroding it! It looked like it would fall at any time. It is the branch that is in the center of the picture. White on top of it. Dead. You can not see the actual place where it is severed from the tree...but trust me, it is cool.
Brian decided to put a weight on the end of cable and try to "ring" the dead branch. He rung the wrong branch, but this proved to be a very COOL thing. Only the two men in my house would create something so unique from a cable and a tree.

Shebang. A bungee swing! Isaac ended up higher than the fence. Abs did not get as high, but still was game for a swing. Brian hooked a handle to one end and then pulled tightly on the other. It was tied around the weight and the branch... Off Isaac went in the air. Kinda scary.

And he did get hurt. Just in case you were wondering. He actually got a grass burn on his forehead. Not seen in the picture. I shot this picture of him as he was watching Abbie. Anyone who knows Isaac, knows he is a monkey man. He sat there for a few minutes, and then took off to try it again, except this time he was going to be stronger like Superman, he said. He did not fall off again.

Sunday, after church, we went to West Lafayette for a picnic for Brian. It was so great. Cool, breezy, and just perfect. Afterwards, we took Bri to Borders for the afternoon. He read for 2 hours and the kids and I just kinda floated around West Lafayette. Finding things to do that did not cost money.

After arriving home, a storm hit quickly. All of a sudden, we heard a crash. Look what was on our car! Nope, not the original branch that we were trying to dislodge...but a smaller one. And, of course, Big Bertha is a tank. Not any damage at all. lol

Thanks for sharing our weekend with us. Hope yours was just as blessed.



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