Friday, June 6, 2008


Life is such a unique rollercoaster---Anyone who claims that their life is an easy going lazy river, needs to get a reality check or a relationship with God- you choose.

I have learned one thing. You are on the rollercoaster and can't get off even if you choose. There are idiots that take the rollercoaster into their own hands and do stupid things like try to speed it up faster than it is supposed to go. Or, stick their heads out of the cart in ways that were just not intended for, and then they wonder why their ride stinks. ( I will never forget a friend of my sister's sticking her head off of the BEAST and it sliced her EAR!!!!!!! YUCK!!!) Anyhow. If you obey the rules of the roller coaster (aka the B.I.B.L.E.) and take joy in it, it is awesome. It seems like the times that I hated my rollercoaster, were times that I was not obeying the posted rules. I was trying to make my coaster travel like I thought it should ride. Not how the tracks were laid out.

Yes, there will be times that the ride might seem scary. REALLY scary...but you can trust it to hold you in your place. And isn't that the best part of a ride??? The scary part...the part that you have to brace your feet, hold your breathe, and let your hands fly high into the air??? ( Only put your hands up on the hills...otherwise they may be chopped off. ;) ) There is something about having that fear and anxious feeling in your heart, and then you get to the end of the situation and look back, realizing that God was holding you so tenderly the entire time. And, if you don't have joy in your ride, then it is no one's fault but your own. If you choose to be one of those crazy people who scream, cry, whine, beg to go on a different one, flat out REFUSE to get on, or dare I say...(in a hushed voice) throw up, you will not get what God intended for you from your ride.

So, new bumpy as the ride of my life is...I am going to love it for all my might. God wants that. He wants me to have mega joy out of it. After all---no one can see Him in me, if I am crying, whining, refusing, begging, screaming, and yes (hush) throwing up. I just look like a spoiled kid. I want the designer of my roller coaster to receive the glory. I don't want people to look at the crazy loon on the ride, but instead, look at the magnificent event that has been laid out. Let's throw our hands in the air and LIVE!



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