Friday, October 10, 2008


So, I have the ABSOLUTE best Meijer in the entire world! And I can prove it:

Today I bought:

2-Prescriptions 15.07
13- Glade Oil Warmers 60.97
11- Boxes Dixie Napkins. 10.00
1- bag of onions 1.50
2- cartons of cream (for Zuppa!!) 5.78

My absolute WONDERFUL Meijer allowed me to use 8 of my 2.00 oyno coupons at once!!!!!!!! I handed her 2, that were different, and she said, "If you would like to use them all, I don't mind. They are all going to be going on into this machine anyhow!" And, our Meijer takes expireds up to a month. ;) So, this made for the perfect trip!

Here are the coupons I used:

11- .50 off Dixie Napkins (doubled)
3- BOGO Glade coupons
10-4.00 off Glade (remember those??? Expired in September.)
Prescriptions on a Flex Spend account Card - 15.07
8- 2.00 oyno from Glade
91.45 in savings (tech. the FSA is not savings, but not oop for us either since it is fully funded! ;) )

TOTAL OOP---- 1.87

TOTAL Money earned in little Meijer Gift Certificates--- $92.00 ( 40.00 in prescription coupons and 52.00 in Glade!!!!)

So, now I have 92.00 to spend at Meijer! I felt so blessed that God lined this deal up. We were having a horrible finance day (week...month...year(s)????) and I really needed the happy time! He knows exactly WHEN to apply huh? We now have money to get to church and school this week. Amazing grace. So undeserved. I am still giddy over this. I think that this might be my best trip to Meijer now. I don't know...trying to think back in the memory bank.

Now tell me, isn't my Meijer the best ever??? I am off now to go send them reps to the Corporate!!!!


The Baker Family on October 11, 2008 at 4:03 PM said...

Umm...WOW!! That is all I can say! I think I need to come shopping with you for some lessons!

andrea on October 18, 2008 at 10:09 PM said...

woo hoo -- God is good!!


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