Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Matchups---

It is almost no longer Monday, so I think that I am going to go ahead and go to bed. And have Tuesdays matchups. Sorry I got behind. I was busy listing away on Ebay.

We have started a new Coupon Clipping service on Ebay. Testing the waters to see how it will do. If you are interested in purchasing your coupons from me, my username is Twolilmunchkins. I just put 100+ lots of coupons up today! Wowsers, my back is killing me from sitting in this computer chair all day. And I still have about 25 more to add in.

So---I will catch you all tomorrow. Don't worry, it is not just so amazing that you will be crying that you missed it. But, I will be dreaming of free Napkins and Bandaids tonight! lol.

BACK----Here are My matchups for the week :) If you find something else, let me know!

Meijer Kettle Cooked Chips ----- 1.66 Use This Mealbox coupon for 1.00 off.
Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides-----10/10 get 11th free. Buy 12 and use .50/2 coupon out of 10/5 insert. This will make your total price to be 5.00 for 12 pkgs of rice or Pasta.
Campbell's Canned Pasta With Meat-----10/10 get 11th free. Buy 12 and use the .40/2 coupon out of 9/21 insert. Total price will be 6.20 for 12 cans of Pasta. (I have seen this better, but not for the meat variety)
Dixie Napkin Dispenser 50 ct ----- 10/$10 11th Free. Use the .50/1 coupon from the 8/17 insert and get them free!
All Sundown And Osteo Bi-Flex Supplements ----- B1G1 Identical Item. Use 3.00/1 coupon from the 9/28 inserts on BOTH items. This will make these free or almost free.
Select Johnson & Johnson Bandages ---- $.99--Use .50 off or 1.00 off coupon 8/10 insert for FREE BandAIDS!!!!

Glaceau Water
----- Pay 2.29 get 2.29 in ECB
Always Infinity Maxi Pads----- Pay 4.98 get 4.98 in ECB limit 2
Ladies Speedstick 24/7---- Pay 1.99 get 1.00 back. Use the 1.00 off coupon from 9/28
Colgate Plus Toothbrush-----.99 Use .75 off coupon from 9/28 insert
Tylenol deal-----This is my scenario, you might need something else, so make sure you look at all the products. I am getting 2 Sudafed OM's and 2 Children's Sudafed PE. My total will be $23.00. Then, I will use 2- 2.00 off OM products and 2-1.50 of Sudafed products. My ending total will be 16.00 getting 10.00 back. I don't normally buy this stuff unless it is free, but we need to stock up on cold items. ;) The deal is buy $20 of any of the listed items, get $10 back in ECB.
Bayer Breeze 2 Meter----- 14.99 get 10.00 in ECB. Use the 30.00 off coupon from 6/1 insert making this free and getting 10.00 in ECB!
Maalox Deal---- spend $20 in Maalox, Gas X, or Benefiber and get $10 in ECB---My total will be
buying 2 maalox and 2 Gas x at 21.16. The I will use 2-2.00 maalox and 2-1.00 off gasx. Final total will be 15.16 getting back $10 in ecb. I pay for the extra amount with my flex spend account. ;)
Colgate Toothpaste----- 2.99 get 2.00 in ECB. Use 1.00 off Colgate Max toothpaste coupon from 9/28 and get it for free! Limit 2


---Honestly---I am sick of coupons right now :P So, I will come back again to post my Walgreens deals. lol---


The Baker Family on October 9, 2008 at 7:58 PM said...

Okay, so I have a coupon question for you! Does Meijer always do double coupons? I usually shop at walmart, but today ran into Meijer for two things. I used a coupon and it was doubled. I was thrilled. I am finally starting to get a stock pile of coupons, now I just have to figure out how to use them the most effective way!

Annie on October 9, 2008 at 10:20 PM said...

Yes Yes Yes!

Meijer always doubles! I love them for this. :) They will also accept expireds. I think their official stand on expired is that they will accept up to one month expired. But, most of the time, they accept them even past that. Maybe next week will be an even better week for Meijer couponing.


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