Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Charm and Grace....

Sunday worship was once again wonderful. I tell you, I think that I forgot the reason why I went to church sometime in the past 8 years. At first, I thought that I was unhappy because I was not learning. (It is kind of hard to learn when you are never in the class or service!!!) And I thought that was the main reason that we started going to Faith. But, I was so wrong. Yes, learning is a BIG part of going to church. BUT, worship is AT LEAST equal. Why in the world do people think that they can get by without worshiping??? I am floored by the fact that there are so many out there in the world that can LEARN and SERVE to the ends of time, but do not experience worship. A lost person can learn. A lost person can serve. But a lost person can not have that one on one worship time with their Lord.

It is rather sad actually. I am worried for the Christians in the world who do not participate in worship that actually engages their souls to Christ. For the Christians who create a repetitious worship that means very little more than, "Stand at the right time, sit at the right time, make sure that my voice is loud and strong, and Can I sing this song from memory b/c it is an old tried and true one?" This goes all the way across the board. From the Hymn only Christians, to the Rock n Roll Christians. If you are a not really EMOTIONALLY engaged in worship--connecting with the Lord, then really...WHAT IS THE POINT??? Why are you singing??? the reason for my soapbox was this: I experienced a wonderful worship time. It not only involved my Lord, but it encompassed my entire church body. I think I remember only feeling this maybe a few times in my life. We were singing "How great is our God...and all will sing How Great is our God". Just as my mind was processing the words "and all will sing", the entire orchestra dropped out, and we started singing "How Great Thou Art". I have chills now as I am remembering the feeling in the air as this body of believers were "all singing" "How great THOU art!". I have often tried to imagine that I was singing in Heaven with my church family. Most of the time, it was an artificial feeling and I never felt the Lord there...just a bunch of people singing. Sunday, I felt in the presence of God. With all of these brothers and sisters joining me in song. It was amazing. I am forever thankful for these times in my life. For that Living that I thirst no more. I didn't even know what I was thirsting for!!!

Now---on to the charm and grace. Lol---sorry about that! Brian and I have been watching two young men in our church. One is a Guitar Player for worship, and the other is a Teacher in WNKOF (Wednesday night kids of Faith---not to be confused with NKOTB :P) We know the name of Teacher Boy, but not of Guitar Boy. Teacher Boy is one of the reasons that we chose to stay at Faith. He worked with Isaac, and was just amazing with him. He is always faithful, respectful, and happy. He loves the kids with a heart that is just obvious to anyone who watches him. He is a good looking kid, and looks like he would have plenty of friends and plenty of "other options" to spend his Sundays and Wednesdays doing...and yet, he is there every week...welcoming them in. Guitar Boy...well, he plays the guitar. Lol. I have not seen him interact with others, but we love to watch him worship. He puts his heart and soul into it. Not with a fakey attitude, but a humble one. He too is faithful. On Sunday, Brian leaned over and told me, "That young man gives me hope that Abbie will be able to find a good husband." It made me cry too. But, it is true. These two young men, have more honor than alot of men that are 2-3 times their age. They possess Charm and Grace. Thanks for meeting Teacher Boy and Guitar Boy.


Lisa on October 22, 2008 at 11:03 AM said...

thank you for sharing your story it warms my heart and its oh so true.

Stickers on October 23, 2008 at 1:16 PM said...

Amen Amen Amen Amen.
God is so good. Let's praise him! Let's worship him. Oh come let us adore him!



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