Monday, February 18, 2008

And The Pink Chair is GONE!

G-O-N-E Gone...The dreadful pink chair that everyone fought to sit in. The beloved chair that I sat in the night before I delivered both of my little ones. The chair that I watched my best friend rock my oldest in when she was so so sick. The chair that was home to Grande #1. The chair that I slept in for a week after my surgery because it was too painful to sit anywhere else. The chair that was just so ugly that we could no longer keep it. :(

After 6 years in this house, the couch is finally not in the same place. lol. And neither is the Red Chair. For that matter, none of the family room is in the same place. Couch is lengthwise in the middle of the room, facing the window that the tv was on. The red chair is in the corner where the Christmas tree once stood. The tv is in the corner where the couch used to be. And the end table and rocking chair sit in front of the couch window and beside the door. There are new DARK velvet red pillows on the couch. Handmade by me for the awesome cost of $2.89. (Cheap Walmart fabric!) Things have been very busy here. The family room has had a face lift. I don't like it yet. Course I hate change. It is not me. Brian on the other hand...loves the room, and the change. Did you know that I hate change???? Speaking of which...I miss my chair.



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