Saturday, February 2, 2008

Never Happy...

A not so secret about Annie Shaw...

I am never happy! :P Ok, so that is not always true...BUT...I found out today that it is.

I love the snow...LOVE IT! I find it fresh, cleansing, pure, and a direct image of God's love. I have enjoyed watching it fly through the air. It falls on my window like a soft whisper from someone who cherishes His child. We have had a lot of fun building tents in the kids room (which they slept in), making chocolate chip cookies, cinnabons for breakfast, renting movies, more chocolate tonight...a real lovely couple of days.

So why am I not completely happy... because last night, my sweet little photo file brought up this picture that was saved!

It is of Kemil Beach, our families FAVORITE quick getaway in Northern Indiana. Brian and I have this sweet little feeling that we share when we come up on this hill. It is our "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Hill". When we come up on this hill, we know that we will view the beach! It is magical!!! We have a little ritual with this hill. Brian actually drives by the hill after we leave the beach, making a circle around the beach. This little drive takes about 10 minutes. We look at the lake...and Brian turns on Enya's famous "Sail Away". The kids know this song...Abbie knows it is the beach song. I love this tradition. Today the love of these memories out weighed the fact that I am trapped in this house with a sick Isaac. I want this. I want to be free...I want my kids to be able to run in the sand, and Isaac to be able to breath with ease because the air is not too cold.

Guess it will be awhile before it comes. And I can be patient. It will not be long before I am looking at all the bugs flying at the windshield on a hot July night, thinking how they look like snowflakes flying at us. It won't be long before I am counting down the days to Christmas again. So, I will enjoy this season in my life! lol...But you better believe that we will make EVERY attempt to be at Kemil beach the first day of 70 degree weather!!!!


Stickers on February 2, 2008 at 10:29 AM said...

It seems like we're all thinking pretty much the same thing in Indiana blogland. Can't wait. Can't wait. I'm not tired of being in love. But I think falling in love in this kind of weather really puts a damper on things! Updates on my nephew, please. Smooch.


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