Monday, February 11, 2008

Bail Has Been Posted...

Jack Dog is home. Silly dog! And, they did not even charge us a fee. I guess a Police man jumped the gun (hehehe play on words) and took Jack in. He was within view of our house, stones throw away, and had only been out for a few minutes. No one had called in to report him or anything like that. So, they said that he was ok.

We had a good weekend. Spent too much of our precious "extra" money. Brian, Isaac, and I had received some money for our birthday's, and we spent some of it. It made us feel guilty for spending. But, Brian and I did FINALLY get a date. My parents watched the kids while we drove around Indy. This was our first date in over a year. Amazing! We actually had a lot of fun. So did the kids!

We went to church yesterday of course. I LOVE our church. Can I say that enough? I really enjoyed Sunday School yesterday. Our lesson was on Faith. It was great. Wheels began turning in mine and Brian's heads and hearts. We also met a wonderful couple. They are on deputation for the mission's field. They will be going to Cape Verde, Africa. Our hearts went out to this couple. The zeal that they had for the ministry reminded us of how we were when we started in the ministry. It kind of showed us that we can have that excitement again, but this time it will be with wisdom. Last time we had such an excitement, but not the know how of what to do with it. I think that sometime off of the ministry is going to help some reviving of that excitement. Brian said it well, "The longer and further we are from the heartache of the past 7 years, the more excited we will be for the next 7 years!" I think that is true. Anyhow, it was a privilege to meet this young couple just starting their journey. And it will be great to share in their journey over the future! and insightful weekend was had.



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