Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Lord is Good...A refuge in times of Trouble

He cares for those who trust in Him. Anyone singing the tune now?

I am. This week, just after I posted the cotton candy post, a big whamo hit in the life (and home) of Annie Shaw. A big one. One of those, gotta handle it right or the whole world as you know it will end. Things were handled right, and the world as I know it, did not end. It is still a little tender for sure, but God is good...and He was my refuge. I started praying that God would soften my heart to the situation...and it happened. It was one of those, my Creator most be doing this, because there is no earthly way that I could.

So, after I was discouraged...I was pulled out of it quickly. Not saying that life was lollipops and gumdrops, but my heart was encouraged. God further led me to minister in a BIG way this week. I honestly have been terrified to minister again. Terrified. But once again...My big God provided in a way that was more than wonderful, more than spectacular...and brought tears of amazement to the eyes of a woman that felt abandoned quite often in the past few years. No longer abandoned...I share this world with an Almighty, and He works. He is.

Went out with a new girlfriend on Friday night. New feelings, and scared again. Tried not to show it. Tried to be brave and enjoy the time that my Provider, provided again. It too, was good. He worked...

Then today. No way to explain it. It was an amazing day that I wish all in the world had experienced. I have had many of those lately. Just unexplainable really...but I will try. It was an amazing Sunday school, an even better worship service, and a great afternoon. Then, we went back tonight for Family service. I sat there with my little family. In God's house. Do you know something that I have never realized? Something that you all take so much for granted? Before tonight, I had NEVER taken communion with my husband. Seriously. It was a sweet thing to experience this close communion with my Lord, my husband, and my daughter. I was also amazed as we sat and listened to the testimonies of those being baptized. God does still work in the heart of men. Do you know that it has been 1.5 years since Brian and I have seen a believer baptized. That is a hard thing for someone whose job is to lead others in salvation and baptism. We sat there, both with tears streaming down our faces. Both of us renewed with the awareness that God had moved...and was still moving. It was a feeling that had been unknown to the hearts of these two weary travelers. We had forgotten what it felt like to have the Spirit moving so mightily in so many.

God spent a week, putting Miracle Grow on the hearts of these two dried soiled plants. He spent time loving touching the tender starts, pleading with them to break through the ground. Gently telling my heart/seed that He wanted it to come out. To break through. To grow once again. He sweetly and softly touched the seed and told it, you can do it...I will be here. I already know. And I am bigger than anything in this world. I will protect you little seed...blossom. The Lord is Good. He will be this little seed's refuge. He will be providing Miracle Grow. Just because, He is.



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