Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thoughtful Tuesday...

I have really been thinking on Flowers lately. Here is one of my thoughts...What kind of flower am I??? What kind of flower are you, or do you aspire to be? I have decided so far, that the Dandelion is the best flower to be. Here is why---

There are many flowers that are so finicky, and only grow certain times of the year. They need so much, that they become un-usable. They will die if they are plucked up. They die if it gets cold. They die if they get too much sun. They die if they get too wet. They just can not live with adversity...AT ALL! One little thing, takes them down. Most flowers are so delicate, that they are this way. No perseverance. No strength. And vary rarely do they multiply---or at least they do it very slowly. They are just too delicate for service. Sure, they are pretty for a given amount of time. But when you get down to the "root" of them, they are weak.

The Dandelion---good grief. This flower, which is a weed, can grow ANYWHERE! It can take a frost, it can take rain, it grows in rocks, soil, sandy soil...you name it. Thrives in sun...thrives in being torn apart. After all, tear it apart, and it multiplies! How about that? Yes, it has it's winters, just like most flowers, but it always grows back! Another thing---everyone wants to get rid of them. Is this sounding to you like what a Christian should be??? The world sees it as an ugly thing...but it perseveres! Continuing to do it's job. hmmmmmm....

I wonder if there is another type of flower out there that is prettier than a Dandelion, but still has the same strength??? Then, that would be a beautiful flower. Strength AND beauty! Who knows of one...What type of flower are you? Me---Not sure. But I can tell you that I don't want to be a Pansy!



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