Monday, May 12, 2008

Picture Overload...

We had ONE busy weekend. I mean really really busy. Started Thursday night...ended Sunday afternoon. Ranged from shopping, surprise visit from Jeremy and Leah, A prank gone bad, some sleep, a trip to the Zoo, dinner with family, church, more shopping, and some nice relaxing time in jammies on Sunday afternoon!

So...I am just going to vomit about a million and a half pictures here, if you do not mind! Hope you had a great weekend too!!!

Some of the Haymans...and me, at Logan's
Yes, we all touched sharks, except for Abbie...she chickened out

Gotta love a photo that shows how clean the inside of your nose is.

Brian was becoming un-amused at the amount of pictures I was taking.
Do they look a little older...or is it just me???
This is how Brian and I felt after eating Logan's.

Isaac was so excited over seeing this lizard...he wanted to touch it, but alas, there was glass.

This is what we looked like WHILE we are eating Logan's.
Super-Stahr--must say like Molly Shannon
The above pictures are of our Mother's Day dinner...first one is Nicky's boyfriend Nick with Katie. Next is my Grandma with my Dad. And then we have Josiah, my youngest nephew, who
conked out after eating a handful of stuffing---oh and he is with his dad, Abel.



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