Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Big "NO WAY!"

Ever had those moments when you wanna yell, "NO STINKIN WAY!" We did it today...

I had put an ad on Craigslist seeking used cabinets. We are needing to refinish the kitchen to prepare it for sale. We were not looking for anything special, just something clean, sturdy, and possibly paintable. So, a man emails me and says that he has 16 ft of upper and 16 ft of lower cabinets. I thought cool, but proceeded to ask for pictures and price. He just emailed me today with pictures. They are not just the most gorgeous things, but they will paint up nicely.

It just so happened that I recognized the email address as one that was on Brian's contact list. Then I realized that the man went to our church! And further more...Brian had interviewed with him at one point in time...Long story short, I emailed him to tell him that I new him and I was very interested in purchasing the cabinets from. He CALLED our house and offered them ALL to Brian for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes---that is right-----FREE!!!!!!!!!!! Saving us THOUSANDS...since they are nicer than what we would have bought (thicker, sturdier)

We did the happy dance. One of those really awesome God things huh??? Now---praying that we can come up with the money to rent a truck to get them. We do not know anyone with a truck here, so we have to rent a Budget moving truck. I am sure that God will supply that too!

Isn't that something to smile about????



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