Saturday, September 20, 2008

Be Forwarned----

Good deals are coming your way...or at least the way of anyone who shops at Meijer or CVS!!!

If I am around tomorrow, I will post them then. Otherwise it might not be until Monday. Isaac is really sick, again. Poor little guy. I guess it is the time of year to put him back in his bubble. He did so well over the summer. Made it through with only a few minor colds and 2 stomach bugs. But, tonight, he has a high fever, bad stuffy nose, coughing, AND tummy problems. He has been asleep off and on since 4 this afternoon. Awake long enough to watch about 30 min of a movie, and take medicine. :(

So, I may not make it to church tomorrow, which means COUPONS will abound!!!!



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