Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forgets...

I remember the news broadcaster stating that it was day that we would never forget. It was a day that changed our nation forever...

I will never forget glaring at the tv as I watched the second plane hit.

I will never forget our inspector for the house being high, and making the comment, "Man that is totally wicked." He did not know how right he was. We closed on the house 2 days later.

I will never forget sitting in the basement of the blue house (Brian's mom and dad's)...waking up Justin to talk to him about it all, and waiting for the rest to get home.

I will never forget rubbing my bulging tummy (8 months pg) and wondering what the world would be like for my little girl.---Would she have to know the fear of other countries invading hers???

I will never forget getting gas and waiting in a line for 37 min. People were in a panic.

I will never forget Brian going out on foot to find me, b/c I had been gone for over 45 min. And he was quite mad at himself for letting his pg wife venture out alone in the mayhem.

I will never forget coming home, and not finding Brian. I thought the rapture had taken place. Seriously...and I had been left behind. Then I felt Abbie kick inside of me...and figured she would have been taken too.

I will never forget starting to panic when I realized that the rapture did not take place, but my hubby was still missing. I started looking everywhere, even the trash cans...just in case. He showed up shortly after.

I will never forget driving to Indy for class. It had not been canceled, so we had to drive into town. Traffic was horrid, and people were just not nice to each other during the rush hour. It was scary...classes had been canceled by the time we got there. We sat and watched the news with the rest of the student body.

I will never forget putting out a candles on my front porch as my house in Covington. Lighting each one of them...saying a prayer for those still unrescued and the families...and our country. And asking Brian if I had done it too early, since others still had to light theirs. I remember Justin hugging my shoulders as I stood on our front porch...asking me not to cry. I remember that was the night that we moved away from Covington...and driving away, I sobbed. My entire world had changed. I remember looking back through the rearveiw mirror at the town of lights. It was sureal, humbling, and patriotic. Amazing...

I will never forget putting my first survival box together. With plastic to tape off windows and doors.

Innocense lost.



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