Monday, September 8, 2008

My deals that I am going to do this week:

So, every week, several people ask what deals I am going to do. :) I love deals. I think that I learned this behavior from my he was a deal finder too.

I figured since I normally type up my deals each week anyhow, I might as well start typing them here. That way, others can see them and hopefully reap the same benefits!!!

So, Here it goes:


Green Giant Veggie Steam Bags ---buy 10/10 get 11th free ---use 1.00 off coupon making these free plus get paid 1.00 for that free bag.

Land o Lakes Butter---Buy 10/10 get 11th free---use .40 off coupon (doubling to .80) making these .20 a piece or 1.20 for 11 :) PLUS---for every 2 that you buy, you get a .75 off your next order coupon!!!!! GREAT DEAL!

Aquafresh Toothpaste---buy10/10 get 11th free---use .50 doubled making them free plus get the 1.oo for the 11th.

Aunt Millies Bread---10/10 get 11th free---use .35 coupon making them .30 a loaf. I will not be buying 11 loaves of bread ;) Lol.

Meijer Storage Bags---10/10 get 11th free---no coupon, but good deal.

Tyson Chicken Breast Bags---BOGO---use 2 2.00 off coupons and get 80 oz of chicken for 5.99

Kellogg's Cereal---1.88---use 1.00/2 coupon making them 1.38 a box. I generally get these for less than a dollar a box, so it is not exactly stock up, but we need cereal. ALSO--if you buy 10.00 worth of Kelloggs or Keebler, you get 10.00 off a backpack. (Which would be free)

Dean's Ice Cream---1/2 off (About 2.00)---use .55 coupon making them 1.45 a carton

Campbell's Reduced Sodium Soups--- 10/10 get 11---use .40/2 making them 6.20 for 12 cans.

Lysol Products---1/2 off ( this sale price is normally between 1.04-1.69 at the Lafayette stores) ---use .50 coupon doubled to 1.00 making them .04-.69 cents.

Spray and Wash---I think they are about 1.25 on sale---use .50 off coupon, doubling to 1.00--making them .24

Electrasol Tabs---3.00---use 2.25 coupon making them .75 a box. I know that some are getting these cheaper at other stores...

Revlon Nail color is 1/2 off---use 2.00 off coupon and these should be close to free

Complete Contact Solution---BOGO---use 2 2.oo 0ff coupons and get 2 for about 2-3 dollars. AND, the boxes have new contact cases in them.


Today only---
---Buy 2 Aussie Hair products for 5.00---use 2.00 off 2 coupon---get 2.00 back in extra care bucks (ECB) Making these around .50 a piece. Abbie likes them, so I might actually pay for some shampoo lol.

Rest of the week---
Renuzit Tri Scents---7.99---use 4.00 off coupon---get 3.00 in ECB--making them free

L'oreal Skin Genesis---5.99---use 1.00 off coupon---get 5.99 in ECB---you make 1.00!

Right Guard---2.89---use 1.00 off coupon---get 2.00 in ECB---you make .11 on each

Robitussin---3.99---use 3.00 off printable (found at hot couponworlds database)---making them .99 a piece. If you buy 3 of them, you get 10.00 in register rewards (money off your next order like extra care bucks)

Crest Pro Health mouthwash---4.99---get 4.99 register rewards...

These are just the ones that I am doing this week, and I might see more deals later. If you find any that I missed, just leave a comment and I will try to add them on! If you have a question, call someone else...just kidding...leave a comment and I will answer. If you have an answer...leave it too---help me and others out!!!


The Baker Family on September 8, 2008 at 6:26 PM said...

WOW!! How do you find all these good deals? Do you just get your coupons from the Sunday paper? I need lessons!!

ps.. I am Malinda from ABF, we haven't been around much this you may not remember me.

Annie on September 8, 2008 at 9:27 PM said...

Hey Malinda! I do remember you!

And I would happy to help you out with coupons...

I do get Sunday papers--I typically buy a few Indy Stars. (better coupons than the J&C)

BUT, I buy multiple coupons off of Ebay each week. Like the green giant steamers, I bought 20 of them for 2.00---and will get 20 for free.

Please feel free to ask away. I would love to get to know you better. And feel free to shoot me an email if you need to.

Also, Jaime Brown, Amy Johns, and Jamie Johnson are couponers.

Nice to see you!

Stickers on September 9, 2008 at 6:37 PM said...

Hey, when you list the deals. Can you tell us where you get the coupons and what coupon to be getting and saving for the next few weeks? I'M LAZY



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